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Genop launches Silhouette Soft 20 November 2014 Positioned as the latest innovation in non-surgical facelifts, Silhouette Soft was introduced to Gauteng doctors on 7 November by Genop Healthcare at their offices in Midrand. Silhouette Soft is a facelift procedure that uses a unique suspension suture based minimally invasive technique. The product comprises reabsorbable, bidirectional cones on polylactic (PLA) sutures and results in an immediate lifting effect of the skin. There is also a regenerating action for gradual and natural results, caused by the reabsorption of PLA in the subcutaneous tissue, thereby stimulating fibroblast and collagen production.  Silhoette Soft is manufactured by Sinclair is Pharma. The predecessor of this product was Silhouette Lift, which utilised unidirectional, non reabsorbable sutures. More than 20,000 Silhouette Lift treatments have been performed globally. International aesthetic surgeon Dr Roberto Pizzamiglio, who is based in Malaga, Spain, was on hand at the launch to perform a live demonstration of the Silhouette Soft procedure, which can be done on an outpatient basis in 30 minutes. He has worked closely with the product and has published three papers on the subject. Describing the sutures as suspension threads, Pizzamiglio commented that this is the first time that aesthetic doctors have the opportunity to move tissue without surgery. “The threads are 100% PLA and have the benefit of long absorption time. Only the entry and exit points on the skin need to be anaesthetised. The insertion technique is always the same, regardless of the area being treated, and there is minimal downtime for the patient,” said Pizzamiglio. He emphasised that it’s vital that doctors select the right patients. ““There is a simple test you do with the hand to see whether there is moderate traction on the patient’s skin. If there is strong traction on the skin, then the patient needs a face lift. Very thin skin is also not a good indication for Silhouette Soft. “You can treat any area from the brow to the neck. There are indications for the body but they are quite complicated and different so I always advise doctors to start with faces. Most of the time I combine the thread with a filler – Perfectha from Sinclair is Pharma – and it’s a good combination treatment.” The contraindications for Silhouette Soft are the same as for other injectable aesthetic treatments and include acne and chronic skin disease. Possible side effects of the treatment are suture rupture, skin folds and temporary entry point dimples.   Dianne Rix, Genop Healthcare business unit manager for skincare, said that training is vital to this product. “Genop is a member of AAMSSA (Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine Society of South Africa) and we will identify trainers in each region. Our head trainer is Dr Alistair Clark. Once you complete training, you will receive a certificate and the training will be accredited,” said Rix.
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