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Adcock Ingram Prescription Division elevates pain education 14 April 2015 Midrand 09 April, 2015:  In a pioneering move, members of the Prescription Division’s Pain Team have engineered a series of events, across the country, to share experts’ knowledge on pain management. February saw the first event of its kind for Adcock Ingram, with the launch in Pretoria of the successful ‘Pain Summit’, which featured leading experts talking on various aspects of pain management.  This was the first in a series of four events, endorsed by Pain SA, which was followed by a Summit in Johannesburg in March and two more events will follow in Cape Town and Durban, during April and May respectively. ‘The aim of these meetings is to empower GPs to better manage patients who present with pain’, says Lebogang Molobi, Business Unit Manager: Pain.  ‘We understand from specialists practising in the field of chronic pain, that many patients can be spared much pain and suffering if their pain is identified and treated appropriately, at a much earlier stage.  Hence this educational event which is designed to empower GPs to manage these patients better and to identify patients that need to be referred to pain clinics at the appropriate stage in their disease progression,’ he commented. Each Pain Summit includes six presentations by local pain experts as well as an ethics presentation.  Speakers at all four events are drawn from a highly respected group of experts, including experts in sports medicine, clinical neurology, forensic pathology, legal matters, gynaecology, pharmacology and oncology.  ‘We also included a physiotherapist in the speaker line-up as we recognise the need for a holistic approach to pain management. We take our role seriously and want medical practitioners to see that we are truly responsible partners in pain management,’ concluded Molobi.  Noting highlights of the event, Zipporah Cele, Brand Manager in the Pain Team said: ‘We were delighted with the outstanding attendance and interest shown by the doctor audience. It shows that there is a real need for such an educational and interactive platform and we hope that as a result of these Summits, patients will be the beneficiaries with earlier and improved interventions for the management of their pain’. The Cape Town Pain Summit will take place 18 April and the Pain Summit in Durban will be held 09 May 2015.  CPD and ethical points can be earned at the Summits.  Interested healthcare practitioners should send: title, name and surname, region (Cape Town or Durban), a contact number and practice number to corrie@vmdigital,co,za, in order to register for the event.  A detailed invitation will be sent by return mail.
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