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New hair follicle simulation roller 11 March 2015 South African permanent makeup artists were introduced to the Oron57, an Israeli-designed machine that creates the optical illusion of hair on a bald scalp, on 12 February at an event held at The Private Room in Kyalami, Johannesburg. Oron57 was created by Moshe Alul of NPM Technologies and comprises a set of 57 needles set on a roller so as to tattoo the scalp. Until recently, the standard method for introducing pigment into the scalp was by insertion, using only a single needle, in a long, painful and time-consuming process. Said Alul: “If you are losing your hair then it seems like your world is collapsing. I myself have had the Oron57 hair follicle simulation treatment and while I’m not perfect, I don’t feel bald anymore.” Alul revealed how he, as a tattoo artist, had done research into the permanent makeup market and discovered that it was huge. “However, I realised that there wasn’t a lot of knowledge about this sector of the market. So I started designing and creating permanent makeup machines. I lost a lot of money along the way but finally came up with the Oron technology and patented it in 2006. It’s an all in one solution suitable for hair follicle simulation, permanent makeup technology and paramedical treatment. It has achieved the CE certificate and ISO standard. “Oron57 is an extremely powerful and quiet machine with sharp and accurate performance, including a large variety of needles and pigments for unlimited options. In addition, the treatment stimulates the follicles. Nineteen percent of my clients have reported a measure of hair growth following the procedure,” explained Alul. In Europe the Oron system is classified as medical. “Men and women wordwide are experiencing increasing condition of baldness,” continued Alul. “The Oron57 treatment should last between one and three years, depending on the health of your client, their exposure to the sun and their habits. An annual touch up is recommended.” The Oron 57 is available in South Africa exclusively from Sulé Loggenberg of Permanent Makeup Technologies. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)
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