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New filler launches in SA Dr Chris Geizing demonstrates Emervel Pharmaceutical company Galderma has launched its latest dermal filler, Emervel, in South Africa. Classed as medical devices, dermal fillers consist of a gel formulation which can be injected into the dermis and sub cutis to restore lost volume and effectively smooth out lines and wrinkles. There are over 100 different types of dermal fillers marketed in Europe today. Emervel has been successfully used in the UK for the past three years. At a launch held on 19 September at Circa Gallery in Rosebank, Johannesburg, Galderma South Africa MD Jenny Wright said that everything the company produces is based on robust scientific research. “Nineteen-percent of Galderma’s total turnover goes back into research,” she stated. Local aesthetic medical doctor Chris Geizing gave a presentation before demonstrating the application of Emervel on a patient. “I believe there is a lot of art involved in medical aesthetics and with Emervel we can achieve it. Emervel can be used in new specific layers. “Often we get lost in the close-ups of our face during each day. I tell my clients that their mirror is the biggest enemy. Beauty is a universal obsession. Seventy percent of self-esteem is dependent on how we regard our own looks. “So, how do we develop the aesthetic medical artist? There are four steps – chasing lines, 3D facial remodelling, beauty as a measure, and lastly, interpretation.” Following Geizing’s demonstration, UK-based Dr Ravi Jain talked about the central facial triangle of beauty. Said Jain: “When someone looks at a person their eyes immediately go to their eyes and then to their mouth and back again to the eyes. This is ‘the triangle’ and it’s what we as aesthetic doctors aim for – a balanced outcome. We want people to look five years younger, not 20 years younger. We don’t want permanency as permanency doesn’t exist on our face because we literally age every day. There is a loss of fat pads in our face as we age, hence the significance of dermal fillers. “Aesthetic patients are demanding and perceive aesthetic treatments as consumable items. Studies in the UK have revealed that 52-perent of aesthetic patients have changed doctors since their first treatment.” Jain, who used the term tissue filers rather than dermal fillers, explained that there are different fillers for different applications. Older people have thinner skin so will thus require a lighter filler. “Galderma conducted an intensive study on Emervel which used 58 investigators over a period of 11 months,” said Jain. “Some 1,822 patients participated in the study and no serious side effects were reported, other than a bit of bruising and redness. Galderma then did a study of how patients felt after three weeks of treatment. They were more than satisfied with the treatment and even felt better about themselves six months later.” According to Jain, the initial responses from doctors have been very positive. “Emervel is formulated using Optimal Balance Technology,” he continued. “This technology ensures that the Emervel hyaluronic acid gel is suited to resemble your own body’s hyaluronic acid for enhanced safety and longevity.”
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