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New oxygen infusion technology Bio-Therapeutic has launched the BT-Accent Air device in South Africa, positioned as the next generation in oxygen technology. At a launch held at the Hyatt Regent in Rosebank, Johannesburg on 11 March, Bio-Therapeutic SA’s Debbie Kleynhans told doctors, medical aesthetics practitioners and skin therapists that the device is fast becoming known as ‘the Hollywood facial’. According to Bio-Therapeutic president David Suzuki, the air that we breathe is approximately 78% nitrogen and only 21% oxygen. In a personalised video message for the South African market, Suzuki explained that oxygen is one of the vital components needed to create Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria. “ATP is the body’s primary source of cellular energy and is responsible for all cellular activity from the most basic to the most complex. Studies indicate that by the time we reach 60, our ATP levels of cellular energy will have decreased by as much as 50%. Because of the profound affect that cellular respiration has on the synthesis of ATP, and the immediate effect that ATP has on the texture, colour and consistency of the skin, oxygen concentrators have quickly found their way into the world of aesthetics,” said Suzuki. The BT-Accent Air infuses 94% pure oxygen into the skin – this is a five-fold increase on the percentage of oxygen in the ambient air that we breathe. BT-Accent Air has three applicators – the oxy wand (similar to an airbrush), the oxy jet (to ‘jet’ air to the skin) and the oxy dome (a plastic dome mask that covers the entire face with the oxygen supply tube connected to the dome). Bio-Therapeutic SA’s Sarah Davies noted that the BT-Accent Air can be used for standalone treatments or as part of a layered facial with Bio-Therapeutic treatments. “Indications for the BT-Accent Air are dull, dehydrated, ageing, oily and congested skin, plus it’s a useful pre application tool for other treatments. Contraindications are contagious diseases, pregnancy and haemophilia. “These days clients are bored with standard facials – they are looking for something more than the traditional ‘clean and steam’ facial. BT-Accent Air facials are particularly relaxing because of the oxygen. The skin looks dewy and optimally hydrated after this facial,” stated Davies.
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