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“Puppet Facelift” 14 April 2015 One of the newest aesthetic treatments that are taking the industry by storm is the use of suspension sutures, to turn back the hands of time. In the tabloids you will hear of the procedure being mentioned as the “puppet facelift”, this is because of the threads that are used to lift and volumise the cheeks and lower face. The thread lift can assist in improving skin laxity and offers a patient a more subtle, natural looking face lift. Aesthetic Doctor Alastair Clark from Sandton Aesthetics Centre answers some fundamental question on how the procedure works and what can be expected from the treatment. How does the principle of using threads in aesthetic treatment work? By inserting bidirectional, resorbable threads the Physician can offer a tailor-made treatment for flabbiness of various areas of the face and neck, which lifts, tightens and restores shapeliness to the face, with no downtime. How long does a treatment take and how long can you expect the results to last? The treatment takes about 30 min with the results lasting anything from 18-24 months. What are the threads made of and are they safe?  The suture is made of Polylactic acid which is totally resorbable and safe.  (Sutures like this have been used for many years in surgery.) What facial conditions would best be indicated for the treatment? Flabbiness and ptosis of the following areas: mandible, neck, malar area and eyebrow. Can you only use it in the facial area or in body too? What would the limitations be?  At the moment our indication in SA is for the face (however we are awaiting approval for its use in other areas of the body). For the correct indication there are very few limitations. Can this treatment be used to delay the ageing process? What age do you suggest one should start?  Yes, it can delay the ageing process. Any patient over 30 years of age with the indications mentioned would be a good candidate for the threads. How should you maintain the procedure to prolong the results?  We recommend post treatment guidelines for approximately 7-10 days post procedure and then your life is back to normal. Can this treatment be used as an alternative to fillers? And if so in what instance? We prefer to say that Silhouette Soft is the next wave of aesthetic treatments for your patient. Fillers are indicated to “fill” and volumise the face.  Threads lift and also rejuvenate by restoring lost collagen. They can, however, be used to good effect in combination.
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