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Rejuvenation, just a few drops away Growth factors (GFs) have been used for quite some time now by various cosmetic doctors and surgeons in order to rejuvenate the skin. So, you may have heard of the famous Kim Kardashian Vampire facial/facelift but are too scared of a bloody face, bruising, and downtime from the injections? Until recently the options available ALL require injections into the skin of the face. Now the acquisition of flawless beauty has been made easier, more effective and simpler with NEEDLE-FREE treatments. These comprise of three major TOPICAL treatments; Stromal Vascular Perfection® (SVPP) Stem Cell Perfection® (SVPP) Platelet Perfection® (SVPP) What is Stromal Vascular Perfection® (SVPP)? Stromal Vascular Perfection® (SVPP) is a topical skin treatment that can be created from your own adipose (fat) tissue obtained during liposuction or a dedicated lipo aspiration. This fat contains a large percentage of mesenchymal stem cells used in “celebrity” anti-aging treatments, as they have regenerative anti-ageing properties that will mend both the repairable damage AND the underlying damage to your skin. SVPP is a unique, personalised and effective topical (needle-free) treatment that is able to penetrate deep within the skin to provide your skin stem cells with the help it needs to continue a long term natural process of replacing and regenerating old and damaged cells. SVPP is also the primary source of a variety of growth factors that are essential for advanced tissue healing, cellular regeneration and collagen production. All of which, will provide a longer and lasting effect on the treatment area by replacing damaged and aged skin with healthier and new cells that leaves your skin feeling and looking rejuvenated. What is Stem Cell Perfection® (SCPP) A previously unavoidable consequence of the natural aging process has been rough, inelastic, wrinkled, dry skin. As we age, our cells lose their ability to effectively repair the damage caused by aging, sun damage, and dehydration. However, as your skin stem cells will always have an in-built possibility to mend this damage, you also have the possibility to both mend as much existing damage as possible AND to mend the stem cell population in the niches of your skin that initiates and regulates the replacement and/or regeneration of dead/dying/old cells. The result of reparing this underlying damage to your skin is a longer-term solution to smoother, softer, more radient skin that can produce and retain your natural moisurising factors as it used to. Stem Cell Perfection® (SCPP) is also a topical treatment derived from adipose tissue (fat) and is the regenerative link that exists between cosmetics and science. SCPP will help restore your existing stem cell niches in the skin – constantly reminding them of their regenerative potential – providing you with the skin glow you once had before stress, age and sun damage got in the way. What is Platelet Perfection (PPT)? When we bruise/scratch ourselves, it is the platelet cells in our bodies that rush to the site and bring along the appropriate supply of growth factors (GFs) that are all required in order to heal and regenerate the skin. Platelet Perfection® (PPT) is a topical treatment that provides a more concentrated supply of these platelets and their associated GFs obtained from your own blood, and delivered to your aged, tired and damaged skin – expediting the efficient removal of dead and damaged cells – leaving your skin looking and feeling softer, smoother and more radiant. How Does It Work? Your aesthetic specialist will collect a sample of blood for Platelet Perfection Therapy or a sample of fat for either Stromal Perfection or Stem Cell Perfection Therapy. Following collection, your lipoaspirate sample will be sent to an EU GMP grade A laboratory situated in Sandton, where it is processed, centrifuged, concentrated and prepared for topical use. Your treatment can be performed as soon as 24-48 hours.  One blood sample can be used for up to 3 Platelet Perfection Therapies or one lipoaspirate sample entitles you to up to 5 Stromal Vascular treatments. In either case the gel is applied in a short, simple and soothing radiofrequency procedure and results are visible within three weeks. With Stem Cell Perfection therapy the treatments are also topical however the options require individual consultation to assess your needs. When Do We Advise Against It? There are no known exclusions to the therapy described above. What Can You / Can’t You Expect From The Treatment? Softer, smoother, more radiant looking skin resulting from the repair and replacement of aged and damaged cells. Optimal results are achieved after approximately three weeks and may last up to a year. The options for repeat treatments will be discussed with your Aesthetic doctor. What Are The Unwanted Effects / Risks Of The Treatment? There are no known risks or unwanted effects associated with AdSVP. Courtesy: Dr Gordon Cohen- Aesthetic Practitioner Melrose aesthetic centre
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