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Stretchmark’s and Scarring 29 April 2015 The most important point that I like to convey to my patients is that the sooner they come in for treatment on either stretch marks or scarring the more successful the results will be writes Jacky Shaw, the practice manager at Lambton medical and Aesthetic Centre Stretch marks occur when the skin layers tear from sudden or excessive stretching. The normal causes of stretch marks are pregnancy, weight gain and childhood growth spurts. We like to treat scars when they are still recent and pinkish in colour. We still treat scars that are older and have gone white but it limits the results as the skin is normally thickened and needs more stimulation for healing and cell renewal to occur. Stretchmark’s and Acne Scaring My recommendation for the treatment of stretch marks and acne scars is to begin with a Dermapen, Collagen Induction treatment, followed by LED light treatment. The area is numbed with a numbing agent containing Lidocaine under occlusion. Then area is then cleaned and treated with a Dermapen, using a needle of at least 2 mm. The area must be thoroughly worked over with at least 4 passes over each area. Post treatment the treated area should become warm and resemble sunburn.  I recommend that any blood on the skins surface is beneficial and should not be cleaned off as those platelets will be massaged into the micro injuries with additional serums of the therapist’s choice. A serum containing vitamin C and B and Copper Tripeptide is my mixture of choice. Vitamin C is a healing agent, vitamin B is a calming agent and lastly Copper Tripeptide is a stem cell activator. This serum is applied to the area and is massaged into the micro injuries with the remaining blood. Once the skin has absorbed the serum the area is then placed under a LED light rejuvenation system using a combination of yellow and red Light for an anti-Inflammatory and cell stimulation treatment.  For best results this treatment is performed at monthly intervals to allow for the cell renewal process to complete. We recommend a course of 6-8 treatments.  I never make any promises to the patients when treating stretchmark’s but tell them that they will see a great improvement in colour and texture. For homecare I recommend applying prescription Retin A onto the area nightly and the use of daily stringent sun protection.  They will experience redness and tenderness in the area for about 2 days post the treatment. Surgical Scars The same rule applies to surgical scars as with stretch marks that the sooner you start treatment the better. We even begin treatment with LED light therapy while the stitches are in. I suggest the use of laser the day after the stitches have been removed. We use a treatment called Laser Genesis which is a pulsed laser beam from an Nd Yag Laser. The purpose is to stimulate cell renewal by heating the dermis and beginning the cascading effect of new cell production. Depending on the size of the scar we would give between 100 to 1000 shots onto the area. There is no downtime to this treatment and it is performed monthly. For homecare I recommend a silicone based scar treatment gel such as RejuvaSil Scar Gel or Stratamed.
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